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    Cargo tank

    Measurement of level, point level and pressure in the cargo tanks on board

    The levels in storage tanks, especially those on board chemical tankers must be continuously measured. This is especially important to monitor during loading and unloading operations, because of strict safety and environmental requirements. Any overfilling or product discharge on deck or into the sea could have devastating consequences for human life as well as the wider environment. Also, to prevent damage to the tanks caused via external temperature fluctuations, or overpressure and underpressure created by charging and discharging procedures, the internal tank pressures require continuous monitoring.
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    Ballast water tanks

    Level measurement in the forepeak, wing and double bottom tanks with ballast water

    The ballast water measurements in the wing and double bottom tanks go directly into the control system for the ship trim, draught and list. Since these measuring points are virtually inaccessible during operation on board, reliability and stability are an absolute must. Pressure shocks, abrasive sand particles and seawater place additional heavy demands on the instrumentation.
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    Ship position and draught

    Level measurements for the control of draught, trim and list

    Among the most important measurements on board ships are those for determining draught, trim and list. In general, one measuring point is placed on the bow and another is used in the aft. On larger ships, two additional measuring points are installed on both the port and on the starboard. Accurate level measurements are required to determine the exact values of ship position and draught.
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    Cargo tanks on LNG carriers

    Pressure, level and point level detection in Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) applications

    Liquefied gas is transported in insulated cargo tanks on LNG carriers at temperatures of -162 °C. The instrumentation used must be specially designed for these extreme temperatures. Pressure, level and point level of LNG in the cargo tanks must be reliably measured for the transport.